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SYSMELEC enters the IMA Automation hub

IMA establishes an authentic Centre of Excellence for automated assembly technologies based on the market-leading skills of MEDTECH and SYSMELEC.

Post published on 27/09/2019

SYSMELEC joins IMA Automation

IMA has finalized in January 2020 the acquisition of SYSMELEC, until now part of Unitechnologies SA, located in Gals (Canton of Bern), Switzerland. Specialists in high-precision assembly machinery, SYSMELEC is a leading name in design and manufacturing of turnkey solutions for micro assembly processes and for the watchmaking industry. This acquisition agreement, made via IMA Automation MEDTECH, the other Swiss-based company belonging to IMA and located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, will complement the growing portfolio of high-tech solutions provided by IMA AUTOMATION to various markets, such as those regarding medical devices, caps & closures, e-cigarettes and the automotive industry.

As a new brand, IMA Automation SYSMELEC will enhance the scope of the IMA Automation hub, bringing with it a new set of skills and resources, perfectly suited to address the positive trend global markets are now witnessing in digitalisation and miniaturisation within automated assembly businesses.

Thanks to evident synergies and the fertile combination of each brand’s expertise – MEDTECH with its experience in the medical device industry and SYSMELEC for its micro engineering capabilities –  IMA Automation will capitalise on the respective strengths of two leading names in the assembly sector, and form a new Centre of Excellence for Automated Assembly, a clear demonstration of IMA Group’s willingness to continue its investment and development in the Swiss region of Neuchâtel/Bern.

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