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Post published on 16/12/2019

Aim for Project Management excellence

Thanks to years of Experience and a deep knowledge of the field, we are continuously updating and improving our approach so to guarantee the best possible outcome. We rely on proven PMBOK GUIDE and GAMP VERSION 5 METHODOLOGIES.

All our project managers are IPMA certified and come from rich and diverse cultural backgrounds. They work closely with our customers to ensure a team-oriented approach, working through challenges to achieve successful results. IMA Automation strives to maintain the highest possible standards in hard and soft skills thanks to internal training, field experience and compliance to the company’s values.

We understand the complexity of medical devices assembly and have therefore developed a cell-based project management system: large projects will be structured so that tasks are divided and commissioned to distinct cells, each responsible for their assignments, while overseen by a project manager to whom they will directly report. When needed, more project managers will be working jointly, each with a different role and responsibility. Such a system provides a reliable work structure while enhancing communication both internally and with our customers.

IMA Automation Medtech based its project monitoring approach on the Earn Value Management (EVM) and Critical Path Management (CPM) methods. Our system delivers accurate and reliable information on every project in order to reach our four key goals:

  • Compliance and Safety
  • Delivery Time & Cost Control
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Equipment Robustness

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