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Open House • A new look at Caps & Closures Assembly

Great success for the Open House event that took place on May 29th and 30th at IMA Automation Telerobot, with a lot of visitors attending from all over the world.

Post published on 04/06/2019

Great success for the Open House event at IMA Automation Telerobot

IMA Automation Telerobot, with its 30 years of experience, has re-launched its offer on the world market. As the reference company in machinery for the assembly of traditional and innovative materials in the caps and closures division, with operations based in Alessandria, over the past two years it has renewed itself by doubling the production area, creating employment and developing skills in the area and investing in new technologies with a view to flexibility and fast delivery times.

To round off and formalise the past two years of major efforts made to strengthen the workforce and revamp the product range and production areas, of which the available space has been doubled, IMA Automation Telerobot organised an Open House on May 29th and 30th to present its customers with the results of this major re-launch.

To give an idea of the event, one could mention the activities carried out and provide what are undoubtedly remarkable figures, like the hundreds of guests from nineteen nations and the official presentation of three machines for assembling multi-component caps and closures in plastic and aluminium. One could cite the two mornings of conferences, marked by five presentations with discussions about trends and news in the caps&closures market, paying special attention to the recently approved European directive about single-use products in plastic and tethered caps, and concluding with a focus on IMA Automation product range. One could even talk about the tour of the company, which took in ten or so “hotspots”, all boasting a wealth of interesting technical topics. And one could certainly not overlook the two wonderful evenings organised at a villa in the heart of Monferrato.



Talking about the Open House in such terms would definitely give an idea of its importance and success. It wouldn’t, however, give a complete picture, and would probably even exclude one key element: something that was so obvious to those present but which cannot be expressed in a mere report of events.

In fact, crucial to the success of those two days, even more than what was actually organised, were the very people behind that organisation, and the spirit that was in the air. Of course, advanced technologies were presented, important guests were there, some of whom were unfamiliar with the IMA world and its products and, for sure, the Open House was an out-of-the-ordinary chance to get to know them.

However, the “IMA world” would be just one of many were it not for the people who actually work there. Companies are made up of people, and while that concept is probably much used and abused, it is in this case true and worth mentioning. Because the beating heart, the driving force behind the Open House, was the spirit and the energy that everyone who contributed to the organisation of these days cared to put into them.

Even though the machines, which IMA Automation designs and makes, were the reason why our guests came to visit, the real difference was made by the people who create the “IMA world”. Of course, when it comes to convincing a client, what counts most are reliability, performance, innovation, efficiency and technical support. And yet, we should ask ourselves: where do these winning factors come from? Attention to detail, investments, research and development, yes. But while machines are inanimate objects, we still like to think that they are made by men and women who put their very heart and soul into their creation. A collaboration that is based on routine and force of habit cannot produce the same result as one based on passion and team spirit. 

So, if you think about it, the real success factor of the two days of Open House was probably this: giving our guests the chance to stay, for a few hours, in close contact with the people who create this “IMA world”, on all levels, from top to bottom.

Because being a guest in a home, means being a guest of a family. And that is what lays at the heart of the Open House: opening up the doors of the family home, and sharing its spirit with our customers.

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