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Automated suture crimping machine

Specifically designed for the automated assembly and crimping of multivariant surgical sutures.

Specifically designed for the automated assembly and crimping of multivariant surgical sutures.

Highly flexible suture crimping machine

A wide range of needles and threads can be handled and a fast product changeover time provides the flexibility of producing large or small batches.

Each suture is subjected to a pull test to guarantee a constant high-quality thread-needle combination. The finished and tested product is then unloaded into stainless steel receptacles for easy handling.

SCM machine continuously produces a stable quality of sutures from start to finish and reliably guarantees a cost effective production in multishifts of up to 24/7. During the machine operation, the needles can be loaded in bulk and the finished product unloaded without interruption. A machine standstill is required only to change the thread spool or the product variant.

SCM Highlights

LOADING AND STIFFENING ON THE THREAD: the spools are manually loaded into the numerical unwinding station. During the entire spool unwinding operation, a small constant force is applied to the thread in order to guarantee a consistent length. Knots detected in the thread are ejected automatically.
CUTTING OF THE THREAD: the thread is cut with a dedicated angle to get an optimal insertion of the thread into the needle hole later on. During the cutting operation, the thread is held in position by two grippers. These grippers and holders have been designed to prevent any damage on the product.
LOADING OF NEEDLES & ASSEMBLY ON THE THREAD: the needles are fed into the machine by means of a vibratory feeder with a storage container for a maximum autonomy. The storage container is refilled during the operation, ensuring the machine’s continuous performance.
CRIMPING OF THE THREAD INTO THE NEEDLE: this single or multiple crimping operation is performed with a monitored force. The needle is turned between each crimping to ensure the best quality results. The specific crimping forces and number of operations are easily configurable. The machine can integrate most crimping tools available on the market.
PULL TEST FOR QUALITY CHECK: once the crimping process is complete, a pull test is performed to check the quality. A gripper, mounted on a numerical axis, holds the thread and pulls the suture until the maximum required force is reached.
PRODUCT UNLOADING: the product is unloaded in two stainless steel receptacles. The two drawer system allows the operator to unload one of them, while the second one is used to unload finished sutures.
Despite the high degree of automation, this platform is very flexible and suitable for almost all common surgical sutures. This core advantage leads to a minimum downtime and a maximum efficiency in production.
  • Technical Data
Typical throughput 500 Products/hour
Instant cycle time 6-8 Seconds
Product changeover time Less than 10 minutes
Sutures One armed suture wuth drilled end needles
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