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IMA Automation: a new important partnership in the pharmaceutical field

2018 was marked by a successful partnership between IMA Automation and one of the most important international players in the pharmaceutical field.

Post published on 15/01/2019

Case study: Service Globalisation

IMA Automation is the IMA business hub composed of five leading companies in the assembly industry, with a long history and technological background that have always been accustomed to working on the market alone. Customers were used to working directly with the factory. The technological complexity of an assembly line typically requires a one-to-one relationship.

But IMA’s philosophy and approach is different and we have been challenged to be and work as a Group, performing the required technology transfer in order to guarantee via our branches a degree of local support equal to that received directly from the manufacturing site.

One of our clients had bought a MEDTECH (Switzerland) line for assembly of a medical device prior to IMA’s acquisition of the company. A complex insulin pen, made up of several assembled components and processed by 7 connected inline machines.

The customer required the build-up of a specific Continuous Improvement programme, engaging GIMA (Italy) because of its expertise and geographical proximity to the MEDTECH factory (Switzerland). We immediately understood the complexity and the requirements, having to step into such a delicate operation and take over all of the after-sale services and activities, but thanks to the good overall organisation, we have been able to accomplish the mission.

Thorough maintenance planning and proactive collaboration between companies and establishments were key to our strategy. Spare part management and meticulous communication were the only ways out of a very complex situation, carefully managed by our experienced team.

Multiple support shifts were set up to guarantee short start-up as well as rapid problem-solving, followed by process monitoring and efficiency improvement plans.

IMA Automation’s approach toissues and commitments such as this one revolves around monitoring strategies regarding shared performance  targets, as well as recurrence analysis and solution identification, standardising platforms by supporting innovation, recapitalisation and, ultimately, continuous improvement.

Our customer achieved the best results in terms of efficiency and in general improvement. Once communicated at a corporate level, it was decided to deploy the same procedure in US, using the same method and approach and with the support of the IMA Automation North America facility.

IMA Automation is a global player in Advanced Assembly and aims to eliminate any difference between technologies and locations, providing the market an opportunity to pursue the best technology with the best level of local support.

We have proven our expertise in complex scenarios such as this one, always ready for our next challenge, raising the bar in the world of business and the field of automation.

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