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Caps & Closures Assembly

IMA Automation has undeniably proven as one of the most innovative world leader in the field of assembly solutions for caps & closures: from designing to manufacturing, when it comes to caps & closures we’ve tackled the needs and demands of hundreds of customers.


The complete range of continuous and indexing platforms which cover all needs of caps & closures assembly.

One for simplicity, one for speed, one for precision and one for outstanding flexibility.

Four of a kind. The winning deal in caps & closures assembly.

Simple assembly operations

The smart solutions for simple caps & closures

The smart solutions for simple caps & closures

Simple machine, turning a standard concept into real value in terms of reduced lead times, space efficiency and easy maintenance. EASY SMART has a fixed driving cam and is ideal for simple assembly operations.

Continuous motion assembly

Astoundingly efficient machinery with production speed up to 80.000 pcs/h.

Continuous high-speed assembly for complex caps & closures

Standard assembly platform, based on space-saving design and ideal for the assembly of large quantities of complex, market-ready products up to 80,000 pcs/h.

CONTINUA accomplishes complex assemblies of up to five components, handling pressing, oriented pressing and screwing operations.

Electrical solution for ultra performance assembly

Fully electronic solution with continuous movement to address the growing need for maximum flexibility and reusability.

Focus on ELEKTRA
Fully electrical solution for ultra performance assembly

Fully electronic solution with continuous movement to address the growing need for maximum flexibility and reusability.

ELEKTRA assembles complex caps and closures on numerous product categories, such as carton fitments, push-pull, sport-caps, safety closures and non-refillable closures.

Indexing motion assembly

Indexing linear and rotary platforms which allow complete flexibility of the system configuration. Stations and assembly technologies can be added to suit any customer requirements.

Platform for multiple assembly needs

The ideal platform for assembling large numbers of complex products, with several shapes and components, such as spray actuators, pumps or triggers.

EVO FLEX ROTARY features a servo-controlled pick&place and brushless motors for vertical, horizontal and tilting movements.

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15121 Alessandria (AL) – Italy
Phone: +39 0131 244811

Via Kennedy, 17
40069 Zola Predosa (Bologna) – Italy
Phone: +39 051 6169 711