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Research is a day-to-day commitment

R&D is not just another acronym to us; it stands for one of the strong points of IMA, which can count on highly qualified engineers constantly working on researching and developing new technical and technological solutions to fully meet customer requirements.

Project management

Our project management approach is EVM (Earned value project/performance management) based, measuring project performance and progress in an objective manner. We also have a GANTT chart flow analysis that is fully integrated with MRP. All processes are planned and monitored by a dedicated team and project management also covers the final validation stage at the customer plant. Specialist support is also given to provide each customer with qualified professional and technical assistance and ensure the availability of spare parts.

An outside-the-box approach

All you need is the idea of the product to be assembled; we will deal with the rest. No matter how complex or particular the final object, we implement full design capacity to create the best possible assembly solution around it. Our strength is to offer custom solutions using all of our technical and technological skills. To us, every new project is a new and exciting challenge to be faced and beaten.

Qualification -Validation

Validation is a must-do and being aware of the demanding requirements of the medical industry ensures the safety, purity and effectiveness of your medical device and enables you to complete all the necessary documentation requirements. We propose our fully comprehensive approach that is linked to your project and is integrated into the entire Quality Management System and Supply Chain.

Are you looking for a validation partner? As an organisation we are considered best in class. Our experienced in-house and trained validation team are there to support you to meet your requirements: ASTM2500, FDA, cGMP, ICH.

A partner to all our customers

Never as in the creation of assembly lines is it so crucial to work in close contact with the customer in order to best meet both technical and production requirements. That is why IMA is not just a simple supplier but an actual partner, which listens and makes available all of its creativity and experience while advising on the most suitable technological solutions.