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IMA Automation Switzerland

High-tech hub specialized in turnkey solutions for automation and micro-assembly processes.

IMA AUTOMATION SWITZERLAND is the high-tech hub specialized in design and manufacturing of turnkey solutions for automation and micro-assembly processes. The brand combines the knowledge and skills of two leading names in the assembly sector, such as those of MEDTECH and SYSMELEC.

MEDTECH has always stand at the top of the medical industry by designing and building turnkey assembly solutions for medical devices. Continuously drawing on innovative technologies together with a comprehensive knowledge of processes, MEDTECH has always provided engineered solutions that support medical device projects at every stage in the product development life cycle. SYSMELEC is a leading name in design and manufacturing of solutions for micro assembly processes and for the watchmaking industry. 

With experience spanning almost four decades building custom-designed automated machinery for micro technical industries, SYSMELEC has acquired unique knowledge of the processes used in the production and assembly of miniaturised products, including attachment and measuring. Thanks to evident synergies and the fertile combination of the two historical brand’s expertise, the result is a high-tech hub focusing on method, precision, engineering and quality, which is able to provide a wide range of cutting-edge automation solutions for several application fields.

Medical devices

Precision automation processes in medical applications.

We supports solutions for each step of your device development from process understanding to operation. With a range of standard platforms, linear and rotary along with indexing and continuous motion assembly capabilities at our disposal, we are able to optimize the design to suit the individual needs of the assembly process of medical devices, such as:

•Injection systems
•Infusion products
•Surgical sutures
•Consumables for surgical endoscopes
•Bone granulates
•Dental implants


We develop and manufacture high-precision special machines for the microtechnology industry.

We have deep roots in the watchmaking industry, which allowed to build up a wide experience and an unique know-how in the automation of watchmaking processes as well as in the precision assembly, the handling and the measure of delicate watch components. The most common automated processes include:

  • Assembly and positioning under vision control
  • Assembly by micro-screwing
  • Assembly of sub-assemblies for external parts of watches, cases, wristlets, etc.
  • Jeweling, mounting and crimping
  • Fully automated needle hand – fitting
  • Welding and laser marking of internal and external watch parts
  • Volumetric dispensing of points and beads with glue and grease
  • Engraving of parts


Broad competences in complex processes.

The optoelectronics applications are characterized by very strict precision requirements. During all the years in which we have been active in this market, the automation of these applications has indirectly enabled to build up a library of extremely successful solutions in terms of high precision:

  • Bonding cells for optoelectronics components such as miniature lasers.
  • Active assembly and attachment cells for micro-optical components such as miniature lenses or arrays of micro-lenses.
  • Assembly lines for optical fiber connectors.
  • Welding of optoelectronics and micro-optical components for the telecommunications industry, as well as polymerization in the optoelectronics micro-assemblies


The field of sensors is well represented in our activities which include all types of services such as consulting, feasibility studies and prototypes as well as machines for assembly, measuring and testing, handling and many others.

Competences and Services

Our full infrastructure includes a cleanroom and test laboratories, which can be used to carry out practical validations on test benches or on a prototype if specific tools are required.


Numerous processes require environmental stability and micro-particle free surroundings. We boast facilities enabling solutions to be validated and equipment to be produced with environments ranging from cleanliness class ISO 4 to ISO 8. We have a clean room measuring 80m² dedicated to the production of machines intended for the medical and electronics industries.

Test and Validation

Weadvise our customers in the optimization of their manufacturing processes and carry out feasibility tests with the chosen technologies and materials. We propose a large range of services and competences on the highest technological level as far as manufacturing reliability and process validation for the customer’s application is concerned.

Processes specific to the manufacturing of products by our equipment often require a validation at the different development or production stages of the product. To this end, robotic means such as numerical controllers, tools and integration of specific processes are efficiently applied to the validation and qualification work.

We propose validation tests for automation, vision and laser processes.

IMA Automation Switzerland SA

2301 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Allée du Quartz 12, Switzerland
Phone: +41(0)32 924 71 11

La Chaux-de-Fonds | Registered Office and Production Facility
2301 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Allée du Quartz 12, Switzerland

Gals | Production Facility
Bernstrasse 5 – 3238 Gals, Switzerland