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IMA Automation Malaysia

Gateway to the Far East and local partner.

About IMA Automation Malaysia

IMA Automation Malaysia is specialised in the manufacture of built-to-print and custom-built automation systems for the inkjet and medical device industry. Consolidate expertise in the assembly of products such as ink cartridges, tube sets, safety syringes, electrodes, concentric needles etc.

Focusing on the assembly automation industry market, each solution is structured to meet the needs of quality and reliability, critical when manufacturing in a competitive production environment. Equipment manufactured in Penang can be certified UL or CE if required.

Custom platforms (dial or linear) for automated ink cartridge and print-head assembly from low to high volume (80ppm). Specialised in critical processes like leak test, ultrasonic/laser welding, ink distribution, glue application, electrical test, vision inspection, laser marking.

High-volume linear assembly platform

With its unique, modular design enabling easy fixture access from 3 sides, the LINEAR MED high-volume indexing platform is based on one-metre modules, allowing the chassis to be set up with 2, 3 or 4 sections.

Reconfigurable and easy to maintain, the assembly platform complies with all applicable GMP and GAMP5 norms, as well as manufacturing standards for ISO 7 clean room environments.

Tooling can be located both on the front and/or rear sides, and either on the inner and/or outer, pre-bored, main tooling plates. Fixtures are accurately positioned at all times via a fully-synchronised, smooth-running, cam-based indexing system; index pitch can be either 100, 200 or 400 mm, with cycle rates < 1 second.

IMA Automation Malasya Sdn Bhd

11900 Penang – Malasya
Phone: +60 462 722 33