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IMA Automation Gima

Fourty-years experience in assembly and packaging technologies.

About IMA Automation Gima

When it was founded, in 1977, GIMA entered the media sector developing over 1,000 high quality assembly solutions for audio and video cassettes, CD-ROMs and DVDs, soon becoming the undisputed leader. The experience and reputation gained in this sector enabled GIMA in the ‘90s to transfer its technological expertise to the development of assembly and packaging systems in other product sectors such as caps & closures and medical. The efficiency of a process derives from in-depth knowledge of the material and of the object being handled.

The fourty-year collaboration that GIMA has established with the main actors in the plastic industry (Mold-Makers, Injection Molding Machine Makers, Plastic Converters) represents added value that generates strong synergy right from the initial project development stage, enabling us to create automation systems suited to any type of product to be assembled. Thanks to such partnerships, GIMA is able to provide state-of-the-art solutions perfectly tailored around product and process specifications.

UAO! Unending Assembly Opportunities.

The EVO FLEX ROTARY is a fully electronically driven assembly platform, based on space-saving design and ideal for assembling large quantities of complex, market-ready products.

The platform is designed to allow complete flexibility of the system configuration, and has an innovative Pick & Place equipped with 2 or 3 brushless motors for horizontal and vertical movements. It’s a platform that forms the basis for a made-to-measure answer to specific needs.

Gima S.p.A.

Via Kennedy, 17
40069 Zola Predosa (Bologna) – Italy
Phone: +39 051 6169 711