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The Specialists in Automation

IMA Automation consists of a homogeneous group of companies each a leader in its sector, with over 50 years of experience in assembly technologies.




IMA Automation is a globally unique group in the automation industry, dedicated to offering its clients a wide range of technological solutions and products.
This structured approach, based on ethical values as well as on technical skills, characterises all the companies that produce IMA Group assembly technologies.
The companies that make up the “IMA Automation world” have earned their success being driven by “passion” for their work and by the great dedication of their technical and commercial teams in pursuing their ultimate objective of fully satisfying their clients.

Many years of experience in the industry, designing and building assembly systems for a great variety of plastic components for various industries, have helped our companies develop top-of-the-line technical skills, earning excellent market reputations and positioning themselves as leaders among those offering specialized technological solutions.

The newly established Automation Group is also a perfect complement to the already consolidated IMA Packaging line, allowing the sharing of clients and, most importantly, of roles in providing technological solutions.



Vast experience in assembly and packaging technologies

The fourty-year collaboration that GIMA has established with the main actors in the plastic industry represents added value that generates strong synergy right from the initial project development stage, enabling us to create automation systems suited to any type of product to be assembled. Thanks to such partnerships, IMA Automation GIMA is able to provide state-of-the-art solutions perfectly tailored around product and process specifications.

GIMA S.p.A. Via Kennedy, 17
40069 Zola Predosa (Bologna) – Italy
Phone: +39 051 6169 711



Gateway to the Far East and local partner

IMA Automation Malaysia is specialised in the manufacture of built-to-print and custom-built automation systems for the inkjet and medical device industry. Consolidate expertise in the assembly of products such as ink cartridges, tube sets, safety syringes, electrodes, concentric needles etc. Focusing on the assembly automation industry market, each solution is structured to meet the needs of quality and reliability, critical when manufacturing in a competitive production environment.

11900 Penang – Malaysia
Phone: +60 462 722 33



Leading solutions for the industry

IMA Automation MEDTECH designs and builds turn-key assembly solutions for the medical device industry. Continuously drawing on innovative technologies together with our comprehensive knowledge of processes, IMA Automation MEDTECH provides engineered solutions that support medical device projects at every stage in the product development life cycle.

2301 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Allée du Quartz, 12 Switzerland
Phone: +41(0)32 924 71 11




Rock solid from automotive to medical acrossNorth America

IMA Automation North America designs and builds turnkey assembly and test systems for the medical, automotive, vision and caps & closures industries. Our engineered solutions support customer projects at every stage in the product development life cycle. From concept to prototyping, low to high volume production, IMA Automation North America has the comprehensive experience and know-how to help customers reach their production targets.

4608 interstate Blvd
Loves Park, IL 61111 – USA
Phone: +1 8158858860

IMA Automation Sysmelec is a leading name in design and manufacturing of turnkey solutions for micro assembly processes and for the watchmaking industry. With experience spanning almost four decades building custom-designed automated machinery for micro technical industries, SYSMELEC has acquired unique knowledge of the processes used in the production and assembly of miniaturised products, including attachment and measuring.

Bernstrasse5 – 3238 Gals,Switzerland
Phone: +41 32 338 80 80



The specialist in high-speed solutions for caps & closures

IMA Automation TELEROBOT offers different high-speed assembly systems for small and medium sized plastic components to be used in the fields of food and beverage, cosmetic and medical closures (carton fitments, push-pull, sport-caps, safety closures, non-refillable closures).

Via Einaudi, 23
15121 Alessandria (AL) – Italy
Phone: +39 0131 244811