Working at IMA

A background in technical studies, knowledge of English, a dynamic approach, flexibility, and the desire to learn and work with a constantly evolving international enterprise are the basic qualities required at IMA. The areas of the company which have rapidly expanded in recent years include: design and R&D (mechanical designers and software developers), production (assembly and testing technicians, production planners, buyers), the sales and commercial department (area managers, product managers).

Design, Research & Development
In a world characterised by global competition, IMA’s production stands out for its high content of product innovation as well as quality and technological standards. The aim is to supply machinery which can adapt to customers' specific requirements, with great flexibility in terms of functionality.


A range of highly customised machines and systems demands a flexible production model, designed to keep those operations requiring critical, distinctive expertise inside the company while relying on outsourcers for all other operations. The logistics – production department is responsible for coordinating and monitoring each stage of the production process, from acquisition of raw materials through to completion of the finished product.

Sales & Marketing
Provide the means to analyse the market and competitors, promote new product development, set sales targets and strategies and provide sales support, relying on a well-established global sales network

This department incorporates all the business-wide areas (Administration, Finance & Management Account, Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Health & Safety, IT, etc) which provide support to the production divisions.

A focus on individuals translates into structured training and orientation programmes for new employees, with the aim of smoothing out their entry to the job and providing a clear, comprehensible understanding of the company’s values. This focus remains throughout career paths, with constant skill monitoring and appraisals in order to plan suitable training requirements, as part of a network of human resources with advanced capabilities