Resounding success for IMA at Achema 2015!

Resounding success for IMA at Achema 2015

The recent edition of Achema, the largest exhibition in the pharmaceutical sector, ended in Frankfurt on 19 June 2015 with a resounding success for IMA.

The high number of visitors had the opportunity to meet the One Stop Supplier and discover the widest range of processing and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

From solid dose processing to aseptic handling and freeze-drying, every step of the process is covered by our equipment, plus countless primary and secondary packaging solutions. All of these were on show at Achema, either live or true to life thanks to our videowall concept.

At the IMA stand of more than 1,100 square meters at Achema, visitors also had the chance to visit the Process Innovation Hub, a corner dedicated to novel process technologies:
- CONTINUUS PHARMACEUTICAL offers a breakthrough Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM) technology for small molecule pharmaceuticals, where the synthesis of the active ingredient and the final dosage form are integrated into a seamless process. This novel method allows “on-demand” manufacturing of pharmaceuticals with significant advantages in production lead time, quality, and costs.
- A new way to design freeze dryers and innovative processes with regard to accelerating Freeze-Drying. Ice-Fog Nucleation and Spray Freeze Dryers were presented in the Process Innovation Hub.

The high number of quality specialist visitors to the IMA stand included a very good percentage of foreign visitors, which underlined the achievement of Achema and the importance of exhibiting at this event. There were also visitors from emerging countries, who expressed great interest in the latest innovations for the pharmaceutical industry.

These are positive results, giving a considerable number of new contacts and the opportunity for new business, all of which rewards IMA’s commitment to innovation.

Here are the machines exhibited at Achema 2015:

IMA ACTIVE solutions on show

New equipment for R&D

MYLAB is a new equipment designed for R&D and scale up purposes, suitable for both granulation and coating processes. It consists of a Main Technical Unit (MTU) with a fully integrated air handling unit and control panel, connected to a removable processing module, represented either by a coating pan or by a fluid bed processor. The coating pan processor is equipped with an interchangeable and fully perforated drum able to work batches from 1.5 to 6 litres. The fluid bed processor has interchangeable product containers for top or bottom spray processes, which can run batches from 2 to 6 litres. That’s why MYLAB can be considered not only as a laboratory unit, but also as a machine for small production batches, with maximum flexibility and easy scale up. Characterised by small overall dimensions, MYLAB is portable on wheels effortless and can be easily and quickly connected to the utilities.

High speed capsule filler

ADAPTA 200 high speed capsule filler, a combination of quality and process technology born from knowledge and experience: this machine is the reply to the ever changing market demands and features an exceptional design flexibility allowing to dose up to 3 products into the same capsule without affecting the maximum speed of 200,000 capsules/hour. Its dosing units can be easily removed and are reversible/interchangeable, giving the possibility of a plug and play shift between different machine configurations and filling combinations. ADAPTA 200 can achieve the 100% control gross and/or net weight, integrated with automatic feedback on machine parameters and rejection of out of limits capsules.


Both MYLAB and ADAPTA feature the XIMA HMI. The system has been awarded the A’ Design Award for its application of design principles with the aim of improving User Experience. Based on the four principles of linearity, intuitiveness, iconicity and scalability, the HMI plays a strategic role in improving operators’ efficiency, granting prompt responsiveness, enhanced process knowledge and predictivity, as well as easy learning for new operators or between different machines.

Automatic Inspection and Sorting of Highly Potent Tablets & Capsules

The SPINE HYPO is the new SPINE machine, produced by SENSUM, with containment design for automatic inspection and sorting of highly potent tablets and capsules. It features containment strategies, such as separation of process area with barrier, negative pressure, air filtering, gloves, RTS ports, closed feeding and discharging and last but not least, dry and wet cleaning in containment.

In-line control system

At Achema 2015, IMA presented the new PATVIS APA system produced by SENSUM. PATVIS APA is a Process Analytical Technology Visual Inspection System for monitoring, understanding and optimization of fluid bed pharmaceutical production processes. This system enables real-time monitoring and fully automated analysis of size and shape of particles throughout processing. It is portable and can be easily integrated to existing viewing ports for in-line inspection or used as a standalone device for at-line or off-line inspection.

IMA LIFE solutions on show

Filling and Stoppering of Ready-To-Fill disposable syringes 

Among the new solutions on display was the IMA LIFE Filling and Stoppering of Ready-To-Fill disposable syringes. Compliant with the most recent cGMP and FDA regulations, the machine is tailored to the latest requirements of the pharmaceutical and bio-technology industry in the aseptic filling field.
The Ready-To-Fill pre-sterilized syringes are inserted into nests of 160 pcs/each and automatically handled by sterile plastic tubs. The machine is equipped with a 100% check weighing group, for net and gross weighing before/after filling and final relocation inside the nest. The syringes are filled and then stoppered 5 at a time. Dosing units and stopper pick and place arm are driven by Brushless motors. Ceramic/ rotary piston pumps or other types of filling systems suitable for aseptic environments, such as Peristaltic pumps, can be easily installed. In case of viscous product to be filled or where air bubbles can be possibly foamed during dosing, the machine is suitable to be equipped with a special vacuum filling system (optional). The machine is conceived to dispense liquids and stoppers either in conventional clean rooms or under RABS or Isolators. Controlled by HMI with industrial PC, the machine can perform a speed up to 7,000 pcs/hour with 100% check weighting system or, without IPC, 12,000 pcs/hour. 

Filling and Closing of RTF vials, syringes and cartridges

On display for the first time an innovative fill finish concept for a Liquid filling & closing machine to alternatively process RTF syringes, vials and cartridges.
Designed for aseptic environments and suitable for Barrier Technology implementation, the machine is equipped with 100% IPC and can reach an output speed up to 1,300 pcs/hour.
Combining filling, stoppering and capping operations for a multiple range of different containers such as syringes, cartridges and vials, this machine offers the reliability of a fully automated production line, minimizing space and preserving sterility requirements. Dedicated mechanized arms ensure the completely fully automated product transfer/handling operations. All types of dosing systems, suitable for Aseptic processing, can be installed on the machine. This innovative compact integrated machine can be considered as a real answer to the current market trends in terms of Sterile processing requirements and to the cGMP regulatory expectations and FDA guidelines.

IMA SAFE solutions on show

GIANT Stand Alone with High Containment features
Blister packaging machine

IMA SAFE division offers the advantage of being able to capitalise upon the experience of the other IMA divisions and is therefore able to satisfy all requirements for containment of solid pharmaceutical shapes in blister packaging, with IN HOUSE solutions.
On show at Achema 2015, GIANT blister packaging machine equipped for the highest level of containment.

Electronic counting machine

The new SP2 multichannel electronic counter for tablets and capsules has been designed with the experience gained after supplying more than 100 SwiftPharms throughout the world. Along with a smaller footprint and increased output, this new counter has an integrated conveyor controlled from a single HMI. Quick changeover components and the tabletop design, further improve the machine’s ease of cleanability. The machine on show at Achema was also equipped with the advanced counting technology E.F.S.

Integrated blister packaging line

The C80HS-A76 is an integrated blister line designed especially for the production of medium batches and frequent size changeovers. Based on the success of the well-known blister lines manufactured by IMA SAFE, the C80HS-A76 reaches a production speed of up to 700 blisters/minute and 250 cartons/minute. The C80HS has the flexibility to be connected also with the A86 cartoner able to reach 350 cartons/minute and the A96 cartoner able to run up to 500 cartons/minute. C80HS features a positive blister transport and an innovative blister cutting system.



June 15-19, 2015

Frankfurt, Germany

IMA SPA: Stand F49 - Hall 3.0



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