March 17-21, 2013
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA USA

IMA LIFE NORTH AMERICA, Inc., Freeze Drying Solutions, widely recognized as the world leader in freeze drying solutions, will be present at the 2013 Pittcon Conference and Expo, Philadelphia.

On display, two innovative laboratory freeze-dryers for routine and advanced lyophilization processes: Alpha 1-2 LDplus and Alpha 2-4 LSCplus, part of a new range of lab freeze dryers for the North American market. The units are modular by design allowing for easy capacity expansion with a wide range of accessories. The thermally insulated condenser units are fabricated from stainless steel and the coils are located within the chamber for reduced cycle times.

Please stop by IMA’s booth for a chance to win a prize and see our new Wireless shelf heating system.

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