May 1-3, 2012

New York, NY, USA

BOOTH #2553

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If you are looking for new, high performance, reliable and flexible solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, come and visit our booth at Interphex NY 2012: a chance to meet our staff and discover more about the innovative features of our wide range of machines and complete lines to meet all your requirements.

Our machines are carefully designed and tested to guarantee the quality of your product. Due to our wide range of technologically advanced solutions for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products, you can choose the type of machine most suited to your requirements. A variety of options for one unique product.

Don’t miss our innovative machines on display…  and the chance to know more about our solutions!

IMA ACTIVE machines on display

The ADAPTA capsule filler was born from IMA’s 50 years of experience and more than 8,000 installations world-wide. The machine features an exceptional flexibility and is designed to dose 3 products (up to 5 upon request) into the same capsule, reaching a speed of 100,000 capsules/hour. ADAPTA’s in-process control has an indisputable efficiency, achieving total production control thanks to individual check of product dosage and 100% control of gross and/or net weight. A completely accessible working area makes cleaning operations very easy. 

The KILIAN SYNTHESIS 500 2G mid-size tablet press combines the well known separation of the compression area from the lower machine compartment, with new solutions for high efficiency and flexibility, cleaning and isolation technologies. This unique design increases run time, enables rapid cleaning and extends cam and tooling life. The torque drive system and the new optimized dust aspiration are standard on all machines. The control system 'ViCon' with its innovative “Trending” and “Human RQ” options enable easy and quick machine set-up.

Finally on display, the SPINE: an automatic inspection and sorting system for tablets and capsules produced by SENSUM. The machine has an ergonomic design and inspects the entire surface of tablets and capsules (i.e. size, shape, cracks, colour deviations, etc.) reaching a high inspection speed.

IMA LIFE machines on display

The STERIFILL SMART is the ultimate innovation in the IMA LIFE range of liquids and powder filling machines. Particularly suited to small to medium batch production, configured to handle glass and plastic vials within the SVP (small volume parenterals) filling range. The machine is completely servo driven and can reach up to 120 vpm (double index) and contemporarily offer 100% IPC of all vials filled. All types of dosing systems can be installed on the machine. The STERIFILL SMART is pre-arranged to receive RABS or ISOLATORS. 

IMA SAFE machines on display

The SWIFTPHARM is the innovative multi channel electronic counter for tablets and capsules manufactured by IMA SAFE SWIFTPACK. The machine takes electronic counting and bottle filling to higher levels of speed and accuracy and delivers twice the output of existing multi-track counters for a given footprint. It has been designed to meet the highest standards of cGMP without the need for product contact change parts. The machine reaches a production output of 120 bottles/minute. A twin version of the machine, delivers twice the performance.


IMA PHARMA is a world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products thanks to a high technological profile and the ability to offer tailor-made solutions to satisfy the most sophisticated requests of the market. IMA PHARMA includes three highly specialised divisions: IMA ACTIVE (Solid Dose Solutions), IMA LIFE (Aseptic Processing & Freeze Drying Solutions), IMA SAFE (Packaging Solutions). 

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